Sunday, 27 May 2012

Integrated Care Organisation - why a Social Enterprise shouldn't run Health & Social Care Services in North Somerset

UNISON is extremely worried about the government's intention to create 'the largest social enterprise sector in the world'.

Voluntary and community organisations have taken on specialist roles in the health service, where they use their skills and innovation alongside the NHS to deliver quality patient care.
Now the government wants to allow social enterprises - private companies outside the NHS - to provide everyday mainstream health services.
UNISON believes this will break-up the NHS.
It means that innovation will take a backseat in the fight to win contracts, with costs being driven downwards. Patient care will suffer as the race to provide the cheapest service will affect the quality of care - and teams from different organisations will find it increasingly difficult to co-operate with competitors over a patient's care.
If these small social enterprise businesses fail, the NHS will not be able to bail them out. This opens the door for multi-national companies to step in, meaning that your healthcare will be run for profit. Any surpluses will go into shareholders' pockets rather than into improving the service. 

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  1. Great post. your members might find this interesting - something I pulled together on 'what happens if staff transfer to a private company' (including a 'social enterprise')