Friday, 25 May 2012

Flexi Time Policy - Latest

Despite UNISON not agreeing the new policy, the Council will introduce the new Flexi Time policy on 1st June 2012. North Somerset Council have agreed to monitor the introduction of the new flexi time policy for both equalities and operational impact.

Our recent consultative ballot of UNISON members has indicated that members are willing to take industrial action to protect the current (until 31st May 2012) flexi time arrangements. As a result North Somerset UNISON will be talking to UNISON South West Regional Office about the possibility of an official ballot for some form of industrial action over the flexi-time issue, along with the issue that some of our lowest paid members face around proposals to reduce their payments for working unsocial hours.

An official ballot can only take place if it is approved by our Regional Secretary. Also, for legal reasons, industrial action ballots do not happen over night. It could take up to 2 months to arrange. For this reason my advice to all members is to make sure you use up any unused flexi time by the end of June, and also ensure that any additional hours you do are pre-approved by your manager as TOIL so that they can be carried over. Alternatively you can simply work your contracted hours.

Further updates will be posted on this blog.

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