Friday, 4 May 2012

Cuts to Youth Services in North Somerset - we need your help

Do you attend a Youth Club in North Somerset, or are you the parent of a young person who attends a North Somerset Youth Club?

A young person in North Somerset is taking North Somerset Council to court for cutting youth services, and we need your help to support his case - we need you to write witness statements saying how you feel about your youth club and the cuts to youth services.

Can you help us by writing down how you feel about your youth club and the cuts that were made to youth services this year. If so can you answer the following questions, add your name, address and phone number and email them to: by Friday 11th May 2012

1. Which youth club do you attend and how long have you been going to the club?

2. What do you like about your youth club?

3. Did anyone ask you about the cuts to youth services in North Somerset? If so, when were you asked about the cuts and who asked you?

4. How do you feel about the service offered by your youth club currently? Have there been any changes to the club from before?

5. How confident are you that your youth club will continue to run into the future? Has anyone discussed with you how long you can expect it to run for?

This could be the last time that local people can have their say about the cuts. If youth clubs start closing in 6 months time there won’t be much that anyone will be able to do about it then.

Have your say NOW!

If you are a young person who has additional needs or you’re female, or LGBT, or from an ethnic minority, and you or your parents are claiming benefits, you could even become a claimant in the case – you don’t have to attend court if you do. If you are prepared to step forward to protest against the cuts to youth services please email: giving your name and phone number by Friday 11th May.

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