Friday, 20 July 2012

Sign the Petition against Regional Pay in the NHS

No to postcode pay

Responsible department: Department of Health

The NHS that we know and love is under threat. One of the biggest challenges is the pressure to cut costs and make savings. This has resulted in 20 Trusts across the South West collaborating on radical changes to pay and conditions and the creation of a regional pay system.

Plans published by these employers envisage changes which could cut pay, terms and conditions for nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff by up to 15%.

This will be bad for the NHS, bad for patients and bad for all NHS staff across the UK. Local pay hurts the local economy, compromises patient safety, seriously damages staff morale and creates instability in the workforce at a time when the NHS is going through unprecedented

We need urgent action from the Government to get these 20 Trusts to roll back on these plans and instead focus on protecting patients, staff and our economy.

Only by stopping these plans will we ensure the continuation of the NHS that we all know and love.

Please sign the petition by following this link:

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