Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Integrated Care Organisation - Latest news

Although the business case for the proposed Integrated Care Organisation has gone to the Strategic Health Authority, North Somerset Council have put their plans to transfer Adults' and Children's Services into a brand new organisation on hold for financial reasons. In the meantime they will be looking at what they have described as the Alliance model of Integrated Care, which is closer partnership working between those organisations providing Health and Social Care in North Somerset. This is the model that UNISON have been arguing for, so at least for now, and as far as our local government members are concerned, we can claim this as a victory. But the future for our members at Weston Area Health Trust remains uncertain, and the branch will continue to do all it can to protect their interests. We will continue to hold regular meetings to keep members updated. The next meetings planned are:

25th July at 1.15 pm at Castlewood, rooms G9/10

31st July at 12.30 at Badger House, First Floor, room 2

7th August at 12.30 at the Town Hall - New Council Chamber

14th August at 12.30 at Weston Hospital – Academy, Waverley room

21st August at 12.30 at Castlewood, rooms G8/G9/G10

29th August at 12.30 at Badger House, First Floor, room 2

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