Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Future That Works - TUC Demonstration, London, 20th October

The TUC is organising a mass demonstration against Austerity in London on Saturday 20 October 2012. A march through central London will culminate in a rally in Hyde Park. It is hoped that this march will be even bigger than the 500,000 that marched for the Alternative on 26th March 2011. We will be marching to protest against the cuts to public spending, which are not only having a massive impact on the most vulnerable members of our society, but are also having a negative impact on the economy. If you want to book your free place on the coach please go to the following link: http://marchforafuturethatworks.eventbrite.co.uk/

Further information on the march can be found at: http://afuturethatworks.org/

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