Friday, 23 January 2015

North Somerset Council's proposal to cut enhancements for unsocial hours working

In August 2012 North Somerset Council put on hold their proposal to reduce pay enhancements, such as overtime and unsocial hours working payments, callout and standby allowances, pending a cost of living pay increase. Because the 2014 pay claim has now been concluded the proposals are back on the table.

The proposals include: all overtime to be paid at plain  time, removal of Saturday enhancements, reduced payments for working Sundays and Bank Holidays, and evening and night work (Mondays to Saturdays) to be paid at plain time. In addition standby payments will be removed, but there will be no change to call out payments.

The proposals aim to save approximately £150,000 annually from the staff pay bill. The council argue that this is necessary because of the current financial situation and because our levels of enhancements are higher than in other local authorities. The council are proposing that the changes will begin from 1st April 2015, and they are offering 12 month’s pay protection or an equivalent lump sum in compensation for the reduction to your enhancements.

North Somerset UNISON members will soon be receiving consultative ballot papers asking them if they are prepared to accept the cut to enhancements or whether they are prepared to take industrial action, or action short of industrial action, in order to protect them.

We have also arranged meetings so that you can come and find out more:
  • 3rd February at 12.30 pm in the Rickford room at the Town Hall
  • 10th February at 12.30 pm in room 2.07 at Castlewood
North Somerset UNISON opposes any reductions to our members’ terms and conditions, and we will be lobbying the Council’s meeting on 17th February from 5.30 pm outside the old Town Hall in Weston super Mare - all UNISON members affected by these proposals need to be at our lobby.

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