Thursday, 13 June 2013

North Somerset Youth Services Cuts - Appeal in High Court today

On 13 June 2013, Aaron Hunt will ask the Court of Appeal to reverse the earlier decision of the High Court and quash the decision of North Somerset Council to cut funding to youth centres in the area.

A three judge Court of Appeal will be asked by Mr Hunt to find the following:

That the Council did not take sufficient steps to ascertain the views of young persons before taking the decision to cut funding.

That the Council and the Court could not assume that Councillors had read critical equalities and consultation documentation when it was not in the paperwork put before them.

The Court of Appeal’s consideration of the case comes amid on-going uncertainty over the future of youth services in North Somerset as the Council’s funding reductions continue to bite. As the Council’s plans to remove centralised funding for youth clubs are realised, commissioning networks across the region are trying desperately to find alternative funding to allow youth service provision to continue into the future.

The hearing will be heard from 10:30 am in Court Room 70, Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London.

Cianan Good of Public Interest Lawyers said as follows:

“With uncertainty still surrounding the future of youth services, the Court of Appeal will be asked to consider crucial issues affecting the futures of a great many young people in North Somerset. These individuals should have been given the opportunity to consult with North Somerset Council at the time of the original decision to cut this key service. Having not been afforded that opportunity, the Court of Appeal will now be asked to quash the decision of the Council, requiring it to rethink – this time taking lawful account of the views of its young people – spending cuts to youth clubs whilst also deciding how they should be run through coming months and years.”

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