Thursday, 10 February 2011


This is a rousing invitation from our retired member and self-described "wrinklie" Pat Barrett to encourage all our members to attend the TUC demonstration in London on 26th March.

"No this is not a revolutionary face cream, but it is a revolution from the retired people. Many of their generation gave their lives in World War II for a better life. It was this generation that fought for a National Health Service, no more having to have one shilling and sixpence (7 ½ pence) before you could see a Doctor. Imagine having a sick child and not having the money to pay to see a Doctor. It was this generation that fought for a Welfare State so that people got the care they needed in their home. Many people wound up in the “Workhouse” if they had no one to look after them.

There are millions of pensioners whose pensions are below the “National Poverty Line” – these are mainly women. This country is second from the bottom of the European countries for pensions. This is a disgrace as this country is one of the richest of the European countries. On the 26th of March there will be hundreds of us in London. Many will not be able to do the full march but they will be there. We have to save the hard fought for services and keep public services public.

We will be there to support you, to support the services you provide to all the vulnerable people in our society – young and old. What we save today is yours when you need it in the future. Let’s not go back to the bad old days of having to have money in your hand to get what is free for you today. Remember at what cost in lives it took to get these services. I sincerely hope to see YOU in London on 26th March. Us “WRINKLIES” will be there in force."

Pat Barrett (“Wrinklie”)
Retired North Somerset UNISON member

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