Monday, 7 February 2011

Academies in North Somerset

Wyvern Community School is due to become the Hans Price Academy on 1st May, under the old Academy Rules. But now there seems to be a rush of schools wanting to convert to Academies by 1st September. These so far include: Backwell, Priory, Churchill and Gordano.

If a community school decides to become an academy it means big changes – with no way back and huge implications for school staff:
  • Academies though state funded are in the independent sector – the tax payer pays but academies are unaccountable to the local community.
  • Academies are divorced from the local authority – they undermine an integrated approach to schooling
  • Academies can determine pay and conditions – they can change, for example, your pay, holiday and the length of the school day
  • Academies can set their own curriculum – this could mean that they reflect commercial interests
  • Academy sponsors can be governors – there could be a conflict of interest, especially if the sponsor comes from a private company
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