Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Demonstration calling for Jeremy Hunt's resignation - 11th March

Protect our NHS North Somerset has organised a demonstration on Friday March 11th at 3:30pm, to call for Jeremy Hunt's resignation.

It will be held outside the surgery of John Penrose MP, who will be in the For All Healthy Living Centre, 68 Lonsdale Avenue, WSM.

We will gather on the road opposite the HLC as political activities are not allowed on HLC premises.

Needless to say, it will be a polite and democratic representation of our view that Mr Hunt's actions as Secretary of State for Health, particularly in his mishandling of the junior doctor's contract, has been unacceptable.

Labour, Lib Dem and Green Parties will also be invited, together with the unions and representatives of the doctors at Weston Hospital.  The demonstration coincides with one of their 48 hour strikes as it happens.

All parties and organisations attending will be given a platform for a very brief (2 minute) speech.

We aim to show the Conservative Government that their extreme and insensitive policies are beginning to cause the progressive parties to overcome their differences.

In the (unlikely) event that Jeremy Hunt has already resigned by March 11th, the demonstration will still go ahead, in the form of a discussion of what needs to be done to restore the NHS to its former self.

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