Monday, 2 March 2015

March for the NHS in Bristol - 14th March

March for the NHS in Bristol Saturday 14th March

Starting at College Green at 11am.
March to Castle Park for rally from about 12.30

Download a poster for the Bristol event: 

Full details of national campaign:

The People’s Vote for the NHS’s pledges are:

1. Repeal the Health and Social Care Act. Halt and roll back the privatisation of the NHS. No to TTIP.
2. End the NHS funding freeze: Increase spending to meet growing need for health care.
3. No more unsafe cuts and closures to save money.
4. Don’t let PFI costs kill off local services! Renegotiate on the basis of fair value.
5. Fair deal and fair pay for NHS staff.

This will be the second stop in a pre-election tour of Britain by those who marched 300 miles for the NHS last August from the North to London.

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