Wednesday, 18 June 2014

3 local NHS Trusts have expressed an interest in running Weston General Hospital

The following is the press release issued by Weston Hospital today:

Three NHS Trusts come forward to run Weston

Following the recent announcement by Weston Area Health NHS Trust that it was seeking an NHS partner in a 50 mile radius to either merge with or acquire Weston, three different NHS Trusts have expressed an interest in joining forces with the North Somerset Trust.

These are (in no particular order):-

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Taunton and Musgrove Park NHS Foundation Trust

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Reacting to the news Nick Wood, Chief Executive Weston Area Health NHS Trust, said:

“We are delighted that these Trusts have come forward. This is testament to Weston’s growing reputation as a Trust able to deliver high quality clinical and personalised patient care and we welcome the opportunity to become part of any one of them.

“There are another two stages to go in the process.

“All three Trusts will have to submit formal tenders to us by the middle of August and we’ll be working with all three to give them any extra information they may need to assist them in doing that. Then, using the strict criteria we’ve laid down in the business case for Weston, we’ll carefully evaluate each application and announce the successful Trust in October.”
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