Wednesday, 26 September 2012

UNISON's questions about the Pay Consortium for Weston Hospital's AGM

North Somerset UNISON members attended tonight's Annual General Meeting of Weston Area Health Trust. We submitted the following papers to Board members.

Questions for Hospital AGM

Handout for Hospital AGM

We asked 4 questions

Q. Who took the decision to join the Pay Consortium, and when was the decision taken?
A. The Board took the decision at their meeting in June, or possibly May - they will check and confirm.

Q. Has the Trust Board retained full authority for taking key decisions on involvement in the Pay Consortium, and if not which body has that authority been delegated to?
A. The Board will make the final decision on whether or not to implement the proposals of the Pay Consortium

Q. Which budget has the £10,000 joining fee come from?
A. The operational budget.

Q. Have the Trust received the letter from UNISON's Head of Health regarding the Pay Cartel and if so have they replied?
A. Yes, a reply was sent late last week.

We have requested answers in writing to all of our questions outlined in the document above and have been informed we will get these within the next few days.

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