Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Enhancements - Latest News

UNISON has been negotiating with North Somerset Council over reductions to enhancements for over 2 years. Recently the council have agreed to put on hold any changes to the level of enhancements currently being paid in acknowledgement of the fact that there has been no cost of living pay award for council staff since April 2009. The changes proposed to bring the level of enhancements paid for evening, weekend, Bank Holiday, working etc more in line with other local authorities will not now be progressed until the beginning of the financial year in which a cost of living pay award is agreed.  The current local government pay freeze ends in March 2013, and from April 2013 pay increases will be capped at 1%. The Council have also agreed that they will provide a level of protection for staff, for a fixed period, where the reduced level of enhanced pay would result in a 'pay cut'.  This is the best deal achievable through negotiation. We will shortly be writing to all members affected by this to get their views.

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