Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flexi Time - Latest News

North Somerset Council implemented a new flexi-time policy on 1st June 2012. During the consultation period on the new policy and in order to assess the strength of feeling on the issue, UNISON did a very quick, but not thorough, consultative ballot in response to a number of members contacting the branch to say they weren’t happy with it and would be prepared to take industrial action over it. The branch has been informed that in order to get our Regional Secretary’s approval to move to a formal ballot for some sort of industrial action that we need to have undertaken a full consultative ballot of all members affected. As a result we will shortly be issuing consultative ballot papers to all North Somerset Council members.

The following is a brief outline of the key points of both old and new policies:

Under the OLD Flexi Time policy (up to 31st May 2012):  
  • Up to 15 hours flexi could be accrued and carried over to the next month
  • 8 debit hours could be carried over to the next month
  • Staff could take 1 day’s flexi leave per month
  • TOIL hours were additional hours outside the band width of 7.30 am to 18.30 pm on weekdays. Accumulating TOIL had to be pre-approved by managers
Even under the old scheme managers had the ability to deny flexibility in order to ensure adequate cover

Under the NEW Flexi Time policy (from 1st June 2012): 
  • Flexi-time is now only within the calendar month
  • TOIL is now any additional hours worked over contracted hours and not just those hours worked outside the band width.
  • Up to 7.24 additional hours can be carried over into the next month as TOIL, but must be pre-approved by managers.
  • Under certain circumstances more than 7.24 hours can be accumulated as TOIL and carried over but needs service manager or director approval.
  • 1 day’s TOIL leave can be taken each month
Under the new scheme managers have the ability to deny flexibility in order to ensure adequate cover

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