Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Names of North Somerset Councillors who voted for the amendment to save Youth Services

Below is an extract from the minutes of North Somerset Council meeting on 21st February, and the results of the vote on the amendment to save Youth Services. 39 Tory councillors voted against saving Youth Services, with 15 Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors voting to try to save them. The full minutes of the meeting are at: http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/cairo/docs/doc23252.htm

Amendment:  Moved by Councillor Leimdorfer and seconded by Councillor Bell-

“ To increase the budget of Children and Young People’s Services by £350,000, The main purpose of this is to enable continuation of Youth Club provision, whether by direct North Somerset provision or in partnership with parish and town councils.”

Debate ensued.

Eight Members signified their support for a named vote.

For the Amendment (15):

Bob Bateman, Mike Bell, Mark Canniford, Andy Cole, Geoff Coombs, John Crockford-Hawley, Donald Davies, Catherine Gibbons, Hugh Gregor, Tom Leimdorfer, Ian Parker, Robert Payne, Debbie Stone, Richard Tucker, Deborah Yamanaka.

Against the Amendment (39):

Elfan Ap Rees, Nigel Ashton, Felicity Baker, Jan Barber, Chris Blades, Jeremy Blatchford, Mary Blatchford, Peter Bryant, Charles Cave, Robert Cleland, Bob Cook, Peter Crew, Bob Garner, Colin Hall, Ann Harley, David Hitchins, Jill Iles, David Jolley, Phil Judd, Anne Kemp, Linda Knott, Tony Lake, Tim Marter, John Norton-Sealey, David Pasley, Dawn Payne, Nick Pennycott, Marcia Pepperall, Lisa Pilgrim, David Poole, Ian Porter, Terry Porter, Sonia Russé, David Shopland, Annabel Tall, Arthur Terry, Clive Webb, Liz Wells, Roz Willis.

Abstension (1): Tony Moulin.

The Amendment was lost.

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