Thursday, 23 February 2012

Swindon Borough Council cuts budget on Trade Union Facility Time

Tonight Swindon Borough Council met to set their budget. Included in the cuts, was a £29,000 cut to the budget for trade union facility time, which will result in the redundancy of 2 UNISON Reps who job share a full-time job.

The decision made by Swindon Council tonight should be of concern to all trade unions, and all workers whether they're in a trade union or not. Even workers who are not trade union members need to stand up now in defence of trade union rights, because it's the trade unions who have throughout the last century won workers rights, which we all pretty much take forgranted now. But without trade unions how much longer will these rights last...

Here's the BBC coverage - it's about 3 minutes in:

Here is President Obama on why he supports trade unions

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