Thursday, 23 June 2011

RMT Demonstration 28th June, BT Conference Centre, Liverpool

RMT has called a demonstration outside Liverpool’s BT Conference Centre at 08.30 on Tuesday 28th June 2011 when Sir Roy McNulty - the architect of the Governments “Rail Review” carve-up - will be addressing a major railway industry conference

Save our Railways: Rail Cuts Cost Lives

Demonstration against the McNulty Report

08.30 Tuesday 28 June 2011

Liverpool’s BT Conference Centre

McNulty’s Rail Value for Money report for the Government will have terrible consequences for every rail worker and every rail user. He wants to slash jobs across the grades, impose pay freezes and reduce safety. Specifically he is calling for: -

  • More dangerous fragmentation, divvying up tracks and signalling among private operators creating a whole series of mini Railtracks

  • Lower safety standards and fewer inspections

  • Ghost stations – McNulty wants to leave ¾ stations without ticket offices

  • No Guards on ANY trains

  • Massive fare increases

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said

“ The McNulty report is a recipe for disaster that will make staff, passengers and the environment pay for the mess rail privatisation created. That’s why we are taking this protest right to his doorstep to make the case for public ownership - the solution to fragmentation and profiteering that Mr McNulty has totally ignored”

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