Thursday, 7 April 2011

Stop the Privatisation of our NHS

UNISON held its annual Health Conference this week in Liverpool. Delegates debated a number of motions including how we are going to campaign against:

  • Tory plans to privatise our National Health Service
  • The attacks on Agenda for Change terms and conditions
  • The Pay Freeze
  • The attacks on our Pensions

Delegates got to see the Andrew Lansley Rap, and a message from Michael Moore on a giant screen.

Guest speakers included our General Secretary Dave Prentis, the inspirational Reyna Wong and Scott Schumacker from the Services Employees International Union (SEIU), and Kevin Callinan, Deputy General Secretary of the Irish public services union IMPACT.

Conference got the opportunity to question the Shadow Health Secretary John Healey on what he would do differently with the NHS - he managed to avoid answering most of the questions.

Fringe meetings included: The campaign to stop the privatisation of the National Blood and Transplant Service, and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign - Public Healthcare for all.

Conference also heard a panel debate on the Future of the NHS, chaired by Michael White, with Karen Jennings (UNISON), Laurence Buckman (BMA) and Roy Lilley.

Delegates also took part in a rally to defend our NHS, where Dave Prentis was one of a number of speakers.

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