Monday, 17 January 2011

Coalition plans to dismantle our National Health Service

North Somerset UNISON members at the PCT are currently being consulted on transferring to a Social Enterprise. The closing date is 23rd February. Those managers pushing this move at the PCT have to demonstrate that staff support the move. Our members at the PCT must respond to the consultation and tell their managers they don't want to be part of plans to dismantle the National Health Service. Becoming a Social Enterprise is a privatisation, with all the dangers for our members that any other privatisation of public services involves. This includes:
  • Terms and conditions are only secure at the time of transfer
  • Losing rights to nationally agreed pay increases
  • New starters would not have access to NHS pensions
  • If the social enterprise goes bust there are no guarantees of re-employment in the NHS
All North Somerset UNISON members who live in North Somerset and are service users of the PCT also need to oppose this privatisation of the NHS. You can do this by writing to the newspapers, writing to your MP or writing to your councillor. You can also respond to the consultation by emailing your thoughts to: and

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